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Frequent questions

INTERACTIVE SUBTITLE is a website that offers a wide variety of services linked to English learning in which the following stand out:

We process objective content provided by our users in fast and easy learning materials.

We elaborate didactic materials according to your request.

We provide instruments to help achieve objectives related to concepts.

We provide support to discern and understand.

We modernize learning objects with latest technologies.

We perform ordered actions oriented to the execution of procedures, strategies, techniques, abilities, skills, methods that lead students to master learning objects according to their difficulty and speed of acquisition.

We focus for each student defined goals to achieve, the sequence of actions to be carried out and the monitoring of the temporal evolution of them.

We accompany our students in the search for the information they most want to learn, we process the information they provide and we facilitate communication and learning of it.

We process content to know, know how to do the same and learn to do.

We plan activities so that students have opportunities to explore, understand and analyze concepts.

We provide our students with knowledge of the language, skills and abilities with the language and attitudes and values close to the culture of the language.

How is the subscription process?

Step 1 - Select any of our subscription plans, and end the payment process with PayPal

Step 2 - Your account will be automatically activated and you will be able to access our teaching resources.
Otherwise, contact us, the interactive subtitle support team will verify the data provided and your account will be in the ACTIVE state.

Security of your purchase data.

The payment process is made through PAYPAL, the most secure international payment system, for this reason we will never know your credit card information or other data.

We only need to know your PAYPAL email account with which you made the payment for the service purchased.

What happens when the subscription time ends?

Your account will be INACTIVATED and you will not have access to the service purchased.

How do I activate my account again?

Renew your subscription plan, log in and in the MY ACCOUNT menu you will find the link RENEW SUBSCRIPTION, renew your subscription and your account will be automatically active.

I can not access the service through my ACTIVA account, a message appears saying: "The maximun log-in limit for this account has been reached."?

This means that your account is in use on another computer, you are only allowed one connection per computer, when you do not log out and start on another device or when another person is using your account the system blocks you until the session is closed on that other device.
To solve it you must log out of the other device or wait 1 hour to close automatically, you can also contact us in our Chat, we will close your session from our side and you can access again, to prevent someone else from using your account change your password from the link USER PROFILE from MY ACCOUNT menu.


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